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Seasoned in the realms of technology as a multifaceted expert, I navigate seamlessly across the roles of Trade Engineer, Data Scientist, SEO/SEM Specialist, Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity.

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With expertise in Forex and Stock Trading, Trade Engineering, Internet Marketing, PPC, Product Management, and Information Technology, I offer a unique skill set. Proficient in web and WordPress management, I bring a strategic problem-solving approach to navigate the digital landscape. As a seasoned product manager, I align marketing strategies with business goals, optimizing online presence and driving conversions. With a strong foundation in information technology, I excel in implementing innovative solutions for enhanced user experiences. Whether you need a trade engineer, marketing strategist, or tech expert, my diverse skills address multifaceted challenges for impactful results in the digital realm.

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Quant, Trade Engineer
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Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC
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Product Manager, PM
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IT Management, OPs​
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Web, WordPress, HTML, MQL5
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